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FAQs about Knitting and Crochet

Q1. What would be a good needle for a beginner knitter?

Ans. Beginner knitters have to learn to establish a steady and uniform gauge in their knitting and therefore we advise them to use wooden or bamboo needles which tend to hold on to the yarn and do not cause accidental slipping of stitches. For this very reason, we also make acrylic needles which are great for beginner knitters on a budget, and for knitters who are trying knitting as a new hobby and have not decided if they will follow it regularly or not. Once uniformity in stitches is attained, a knitter is then free to use whatever material they like.

Q2. Do I have to get my metal needles polished frequently?

Ans. All our knitting needles, irrespective of their material, are essentially maintenance free and do not need any polishing as their coating never comes off. We would however, advise that the needles be stored away from chemicals and corrosives.

Q3. What ranges are currently available at Knitter’s Pride Pro (KPP)?

Ans: As of now we are offering only two ranges in KPP. These are birchwood needles called Swift, which are a dream to knit with for bulky and chunky yarns. The second range is the Trendz which are color coded acrylic needles, great for people who like color in their knitting needles; apart from being budget friendly. In both ranges we offer straight, double pointed as well as circular needles. Please be on a lookout for more exciting products.

Q4. Do I need to take any special care of my knitting needles?

Ans: A little care can go a long way in providing you a rewarding knitting experience. Please refer to our "Know your needles" section to know more about caring for your needles.



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